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Kailey Grinder, RDH
Dental Hygienist


Kailey Grinder was born in Kirksville, Missouri but raised almost off grid near a small town called New Boston, Missouri.  

Grinder attended Concorde Career College in Kansas City where she received her Associate of Dental Hygiene.  

“Growth and success come with times of feeling uncomfortable. It all starts with taking that first step even if it feels scary,” said Grinder of her most valuable lesson in life.  

She is passionate about the little ones she sometimes sees in the clinic. “Providing them with the tools and proper education they need along with positive reinforcement for them to have a healthy and pain free oral environment is very important,” she said.  

When she’s not working, Grinder likes to be surrounded by friends and family. She has also recently taken up golf and loves it.


“This past summer of 2022, my boyfriend and I picked up golfing and I am surprisingly not terrible at it. May go pro someday, may not, we shall see. (Please refer back to this statement when you see me at the LPGA Tour.) 

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