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Kid friendly activities to do at home

It's no surprise that parents are running out of ideas on how to entertain the kids at home whether it's the crazy weather or simply school being closed for the remainder of the school year. Nonetheless, here are some fun activities from Northeast Pediatrics.

1. Yoga

2. Sudoku books

3. Scholastic is doing free courses on their website for kids stuck at home

4. Bake cookies together

5. Pick out a new recipe for dinner and make as a family

6. Bake something you’ve never made before

7. Have a treasure hunt

8. Get out the craft box

9. Create a chalkboard mural on a wall, fence or driveway

10. Take bikes to a park and have a picnic

11. Find a walking track you’ve never been on

12. Find some rocks and paint some rock people

13. Make mud pies

14. Get some beads, shells, noodles and string and make some jewelry

15. Basketball, football, kickball, baseball, Frisbee

16. Climb a tree (yes we can still do that stuff)

17. Make a kite and fly it

18. Make a sock puppet

19. Do a great big jigsaw puzzle

20. Paper plane races

21. Pick flowers, make a daisy chain, a flower crown or press flowers between books

22. Write a poem

23. Learn to sew

24. Plant a herb garden

25. Play your favorite board game

26. Choreograph a dance routine

27. Grab wood, nails and hammer something

28. Set up a beauty salon and give your mom a pedicure and foot massage

29. Go fishing, real or with paper and magnets and paperclips

30. Take the dog for a walk

31. Write a letter to someone and post it

32. Camp out in the back yard …..or the lounge room if weather not kind

33. Learn to juggle

34. Practice some card tricks

35. Tie dye some clothing

36. Clean your room….I know! crazy fun but super productive!

37. Clean the family car…..who said chores can’t be boredom busters!

38. Dance

39. Go to a park

40. Play in sand

41. Sensory Play- slime, shaving cream, water beads, make snow, etc.



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