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Renee Brayton
Board Member

Renee Brayton.jpg

Renee Brayton was born at Grim Smith Hospital in Kirksville, Missouri and raised on a farm east of Memphis, Missouri in Scotland County. She and her husband, Dennis, have four children, Stacia, Abby, Houston, and John.  

Brayton attended the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and received an MBA from Willam Woods.


“Initial impressions and assessments need further review prior to making a decision or judgment. There is ALWAYS more to the story,” she says about one of her greatest life lessons.  

She is passionate about family support and women’s access to reproductive health. Brayton says the secret to living a joyful and fulfilling life is a positive attitude and the love of family and friends.  

Brayton is always up for exciting adventures. She and her husband toured the west coast, east coast, and Canada on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. When she’s not on a worldwide excursion she loves to spend time with their 7 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

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