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Virtual Visits

Northeast Missouri Health Council is proud to provide the same quality and affordable healthcare you have come to know and love, now on the go!


Virtual Visits allow your medical and behavioral health providers to meet with you one-on-one without you ever stepping foot in the clinic. Just schedule your appointment and connect via phone, tablet or computer. 


Call today to see if a Virtual Visit is appropriate for your next appointment! 

NMHC Clinics Providing Virtual Visits

Northeast Family Health: 660.627.4493

Northeast Pediatrics: 660.627.2229

OB/Gyn Specialty Group: 660.665.3555

Northeast Family Health - Milan: 660.265.1042

Edina Family Health: 660.397.3517

Macon Family Health: 660.395.5045

  • What does it cost for my child to participate in the Mobile Dental Program?
    If your child has Missouri care, United Healthcare Community Plan, Home State Health Plan, or Medicaid there is no cost or financial requirement to the parent or guardian. If a child is uninsured, NMHC staff will work with the parent/guardian to verify and/or apply for needed coverage.
  • Does a parent/guardian need to be present when my child is seen on the truck?
    It is not required for a parent /guardian to be present. NMHC arranges for all exams to be completed during school hours to alleviate common scheduling barriers associated with traditional doctor visits.
  • For additional questions, whom should I contact?
    Please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Shelby Johnson, by email or phone. 660-665-2741
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