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340B Challenges


The 340B Program is facing many challenges, some of which you may already have experienced.  These include:

·         Increased cost of medications.

·         Medication shortages.

·         Drug manufacturers removing medications from 340B eligibility.

·         Medication discontinuations.

However, it is the goal of Northeast Missouri Health Council and your pharmacy to ensure that our patients receive their needed medications, and we want to work with you toward achieving that goal.  


What if my medication is no longer available on 340B?

  • It is very important that you continue to take your medication as prescribed.  If your medication is no longer available on 340B, your pharmacy and your healthcare provider will work with you to overcome any existing obstacles you may face in obtaining your medication.

What if I cannot afford my 340B medication?

  • Please let your pharmacy and/or your provider’s office know if your medication cost is a financial burden.  You may also reach out directly to the Prescription Assistance Case Manager at the Northeast Missouri Health Council, Shelly Davis, 660-627-5757, extension 1021.   There are several programs available to help make your medication more affordable, and we would be happy to discuss them with you.  

Improving and maintaining your good health is the primary goal of Northeast Missouri Health Council and your pharmacy, and we are happy to work together with you, as a team, to ensure you have the medications necessary to achieve that goal.



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