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American Diabetes Association Calls for Research Targeting Diabetes Prevention

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) announced that applications for grants are being accepted for two new research initiatives, leveraging nutrition and lifestyle for diabetes prevention, and precision medicine to improve the management of diabetes. The ADA is broadening its reach into research for both nutrition and Precision Medicine in order to improve the adoption of lifestyle modifications at the individual and community level

“Adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential for preventing and managing diabetes across the life span,” said Dr. Robert Gabbay, chief scientific and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association. "By expanding ADA’s research into more precisely targeting treatment as well as prevention recommendations, we will be improving the lives of people living with diabetes through advances in these areas.”

Precision medicine in diabetes proposes custom delivery of health care, with medical practices, testing, decisions, and treatments tailored to the individual patient level, to identify the right treatment, at the right time. The scope of this research initiative is intentionally broad to allow for the most innovative and transformative research to be advanced.

The objective for research into leveraging nutrition and lifestyle as a way to prevent diabetes is to identify person-centered, yet scalable, dietary and lifestyle interventions with the greatest potential for adoption and maintenance of diabetes-preventing or diabetes-mitigating lifestyles by individuals at greatest risk.

The application process will identify grants of the highest scientific merit, with the greatest potential for successful outcomes and the most innovative and transformative research ideas in order to find effective solutions to the prevention of diabetes through leveraging nutrition and lifestyle, as well as to learn more about the promise of Precision Medicine to improve the lives of those with diabetes. Importantly, submissions should indicate how the proposed research will have a significant impact on outcomes in those individuals at risk of or living with diabetes.

The breakdown of targeted grant types is:

• Innovative Clinical or Translational Science,

• Innovative Basic Science (Precision Medicine ONLY),

• Junior Faculty Development, and

• Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards.

Application instructions, the link to our online application portal, and forms are available on the grants page of the American Diabetes Association website.



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