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Northeast Missouri Health Council receives full recognition from CDC

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention granted Northeast Missouri Health Council full recognition for its National Diabetes Prevention Program, making it the first organization in the state of Missouri to be fully certified.

For an organization to become fully certified, it must meet CDC standards regarding the Diabetes and Prevention Program as well as prove that the organization can provide a quality experience for the patients. There are 13 other programs within the state; however, NMHC is the first to receive full recognition. Moving forward, this will allow NMHC to bill Medicare patients.

“It is important to us that we provide the Northeast Missouri community with an evidence-based lifestyle change program,” said Carrie Snyder, Clinic Director of the Diabetes and Nutrition Center. “Our lifestyle coaches help individuals develop skills and tools to make long-term sustainable habits that promote diabetes prevention and weight management. We look forward to continuing to provide a well-respected program to our patients and community.”

The National Diabetes Prevention Program, known as PreventT2, was created by the CDC in 2010 to provide support to those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The research suggests that participants who lost five to seven percent of their body weight and added in exercise reduced their risk by 58 percent.

“The staff at the Diabetes and Nutrition Center have been working diligently to serve the Northeast Missouri population, and their dedication shows in this recognition,” said Andy Grimm, CEO of Northeast Missouri Health Council. “This also allows us to better serve Medicare patients who may be at risk, and we hope that without the cost being as much of a barrier, we can better serve them.”

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