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Fun ways to stay active as a family

School’s out, which for some means a lot of extra time. Time can be spent on family vacations, lounging around by the pool, trips to the beach, or summer camps. Why not spend some of that extra time being active? Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, soak up some sun (with sunscreen!) and set some exercise goals. You may find that 60 minutes of exercise daily is easy to do once you find some fun activities that you enjoy.

Here are some fun ways to stay active this summer:

1. Go on a family hike

With nice weather, a hike at one of the local parks can be a perfect way to get some exercise AND get in some quality family time.

2. Plan a "beach" day

We might not be anywhere near a coast, but there are several swimming areas around here where you can gather and have a faux beach day. Take a walk by the water, play and run around in the shallow areas, or grab a kayak or canoe and go out on the water. You’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize that you’re burning so many calories!

3. Find a pool

There are several pools in the area, and Kirksville's new aquatic center's opening is just around the corner. Take advantage of these places - kids hardly notice they're being active when you put them in a pool to play!

4. Have a friendly water fight

Buy some cheap water bottles or water balloons and chase each other around the backyard. See who gets the most wet!

5. Spend a day at the park

Go with your family to one of the many local parks. Find a picnic bench or a shady spot to set down a blanket to set up camp. Pack healthy snacks and plenty of water. Bring a frisbee, some paddles or badminton and play for at least one hour. Cool off and recharge with some water, fresh fruit and cut up veggies with hummus. Then go back and play some more!

There are endless options to stay active this summer. Get creative and plan a fun activity every day that will keep you cooled off and keep you moving!



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