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Get Fit, Stay Committed: Resolutions for a Comprehensive Exercise Regime

“New year, new me,” sound familiar? As each year comes to an end, we find ourselves setting resolutions to make changes for the better in the coming year. Among the most popular resolutions is getting in shape, and for good reason – a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthier lifestyle overall. That being said, making the resolution is one thing, but committing to it is another. Here are some tips for getting fit and staying committed to a comprehensive exercise regime so that you can achieve your fitness goals in the new year.

  1. Set achievable goals. If your fitness goal is to run a marathon yet you haven't run a mile in years, chances are you'll be discouraged when you can't run a 5k right away. It's important to set achievable goals for yourself so that you don't get overwhelmed and give up. Start with small, attainable goals and work your way up to the bigger ones. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, start with making it to a 5k, followed by a 10k and so on until you reach your ultimate goal.

  2. Make a plan. Creating a plan that outlines when and where you will exercise is crucial to staying committed. Schedule workouts in advance and stick to them as best as possible so that exercising becomes a part of your routine. Include a variety of exercises in your plan to keep things interesting – mix up the types of workouts you do so that you don't get bored.

  3. Find a workout buddy. Exercising with someone has been shown to increase motivation and accountability. Find a friend or family member who has similar goals to you and schedule workouts together. Having someone there to support and encourage you during a workout helps keep you on track and makes the workout more enjoyable.

  4. Track your progress. Keeping track of your progress not only helps you see the changes in your body but also keeps you motivated. Use a fitness app or journal to track the number of workouts you complete, your weight or measurements, and how you feel both physically and mentally. Seeing progress, no matter how small, can help keep you motivated to continue with your fitness regime.

  5. Allow for rest and recovery. It's important to rest and allow your body time to recover. Overexerting yourself can lead to burnout and injuries, which would set you back in your fitness journey. Rest days are just as important as workout days, and incorporating stretching or yoga into your routine can help with recovery and prevent injury.

Making the decision to get fit and committing to it takes time and effort, but with proper planning, achievable goals, a committed workout buddy, progress tracking and rest and recovery incorporated into your fitness regime, you're more likely to achieve your fitness goals. Remember, fitness is not just about the end result, but it's also about the journey and the positive changes it brings to both your body and mind. So, let's make this year your year for fitness. Get fit, stay committed, and make 2022 a healthier year.

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