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NMHC adds Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist to team

Laticia Sinclair, RN, BSN, recently passed her Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist test. Sinclair is a member of the Diabetes and Nutrition Center team and this will allow her to provide more care to Northeast Missouri Health Council's diabetic patients.

According to Carrie Snyder, Director of the Diabetes and Nutrition Center, a CDCES is a highly trained specialist with specific qualifications such as a registered nurse, registered dietitian nutrition, or pharmacist. They provide clinical care and can help improve cardiometabolic conditions; such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

"Laticia obtaining this credential is no small feat, as it requires 1000 hours of practical experience and a passion to work in the field of diabetes care and education. Furthermore, the CDCES credential sets a standard for what patients can expect from their diabetes care and education team," Snyder said.

In this role, Laticia can facilitate the proper use of ever-expanding diabetes technology and can help match the right device to the patient’s needs.

Snyder says that, as a CDCES, you not only focus on a patient's physical wellness but behavioral health as well. She says they act as “change agents” and help people with diabetes make the most meaningful changes to prevent serious debilitating health problems.

"It is very rewarding to help people with diabetes live longer and healthier lives," Snyder shared.



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