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NMHC responds to COVID-19

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Northeast Missouri Health Council is working diligently to plan for the safety and well being of our patients as well as our staff. At this time, we ask that if you are experiencing symptoms such as a high fever, cough, and/or trouble breathing, please call ahead to your primary care provider's office. We can then triage your case individually and get you taken care of in a timely fashion.

We also want patients to know that we have set up a screening area at each of our clinics. Upon arrival to your appointment, we will check your temperature and ask you a set of preliminary questions. Additionally, we want to limit the amount of visitors coming into our clinics for the safety of our patients, visitors and staff. At this time, we are limiting visitors to one essential visitor per patient.

If possible, we suggest that patients schedule necessary appointments as a Virtual Visit. This allows patients to remain at home while still getting the quality care they deserve.

Additionally, in an effort to keep our staff and patients safe, and per the American Dental Association's recommendation, our dental clinics are closed with the exception of emergency care. If you are experiencing any pain, swelling, bleeding, and/or symptoms that need immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call. We have staff available to take care of your needs.

Thank you for your understanding during this time, and we will continue to provide updates as they are available. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out.

Stay safe and healthy, Northeast Missouri!

The cost for COVID-19 testing is $104. Federal law now requires all health insurers (except short-term plans) to cover all costs associated with COVID-19 testing without imposing any copays or deductibles and regardless of whether the provider is in-network. This requirement covers the test and the visit (whether in-person or via telehealth) that resulted in the order for the test. It will also cover antibody testing, when widely available. As insurers are required to reimburse out-of-network providers for these services, the CARES Act requires providers that order and/or provide testing to post the cash price of these services on their public website.




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