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Tips for success in the New Year

With a new year just around the corner, many people are working on creating New Year's Resolutions and starting the year off right. It’s no surprise that this year more than ever, many are wanting to shed a few extra pounds, or get back on track after a stressful and chaotic year.

The team at the Diabetes and Nutrition Center has a few tips for those looking to make changes in 2021. Carrie Snyder, RDN and director of the Diabetes and Nutrition Center, says she always reminds people to set goals based upon making habit changes. Weight loss is not a habit, but you can make habit changes to achieve weight loss.

Be realistic. Plan actions that are realistic for you. If you currently are not active, it seems unreasonable to immediately shift to doing hours of exercise per day.

Make it doable. Plan small changes; over time, these small changes will add up to make a bigger impact.

Be specific. Plan your actions in detail. Decide what you will do, where you will do it, when you will do it and how long you will do it. By being detailed, you're more likely to follow through because you have set it up in your mind.

Be flexible. Review your plans regularly and often. Look for ways to cope with challenges and adapt to adversity.

Make it enjoyable. Change doesn't have to be painful. If you're aiming to wake up earlier and be more productive, start your day with something you enjoy doing like reading or drinking a cup of coffee. If you're looking to shed a few pounds, find exercises and healthy recipes you genuinely enjoy. You're more willing to stick to things if you're having fun!



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