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Virtual Visits: Social distancing while staying healthy

With the current state of emergency surrounding us, now seems like an opportune time to advance with virtual visits. Virtual visits give patients a chance to practice social distancing while still receiving the necessary care from healthcare professionals. While not all visits can be conducted virtually, a good amount can, and these visits are often time saving and less expensive than a standard visit.

Northeast Missouri Health Council offers virtual visits to our behavioral health and medical patients at this time. These services are easy to schedule and complete, as patients just need to call their respective clinic. Patients will follow the normal protocol for scheduling an appointment, and then information will be sent to the patient prior to the scheduled virtual visit that walks the patient through the process.

While we understand that these processes can be confusing or anxiety-inducing for some, we want to make this as simple as possible. If patients have any questions or needs, simply reach out to NMHC to talk things out. Our top priority at this time is providing a safe place for our staff and patients, and we feel this is a great option during this time. This allows us to continue partnering with our patients to keep everyone healthy during this time of uncertainty.



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