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Dental RV serves Lewis County C-1 Students

The Lewis County School District is working with Northeast Missouri Health Council to make dental hygiene a priority by bringing the Mobile Dental RV to schools within the district to reach all students.

For some students going to the dentist is a regular visit twice a year. But, for others in some rural communities, dental hygiene isn't a top priority.

Lewis County C-1 Superintendent John French said the district signed a memorandum of understanding which created a partnership with the dental unit.

"We've been one of the first schools from the get-go that have had this opportunity for our students and our community," French said. "It's a real blessing the students are able to not miss school, or at least, just minimal while they're pulled out."

Highland Elementary 4th grader, Cooper Hinton, said it's a quick trip.

"I had a lot of stuff in my mouth. They numbed so I can barely feel my cheek it didn't feel painful at all," Hinton said. "It was kind of quick and it was not that fun."

Jordan Rains is the dentist providing services on the mobile RV. She said in 2019, they saw 6,000 students and completed 10,000 treatments.

"A common misconception is that the mobile dental unit isn't equipped to do all of the different treatment plans and treatment that you see in the clinic as well. That's not necessarily the case," Rains said.

"We are actually able to do exactly everything you can do in a standard traditional setting. So, we're able to do fillings, exams, cleanings, x-rays, crowns, extractions."

If more schools want to be on the list for the Dental RV, they should reach out to the Northeast Missouri Health Council for more information.



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