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Staying healthy when there's a pandemic

Though many of us are hanging out and spending our days at home, it’s important that we continue to take steps to keep our families healthy.

1. Clean hands often using soap and water. Everyone has been talking about it lately, but it really is the one sure proof way to remove all the unwanted germs and bacteria.

2. Avoid getting together with friends and family who are sick and/or are coughing and sneezing.

3. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces daily in common household areas, especially if you have adults who are still working or kids attending daycare or school.

4. Launder and clean toys regularly, even if your kids aren’t “sick.”

5. Make sure your family continues to eat a well-balanced diet. Additionally, make sure that you stay hydrated, as these are both keyways to support your immune system.

6. Keep active with the family by going for walks, bike rides, or even doing indoor work outs when it’s less than ideal outside. Exercise helps our body cope with stress, and times like these when we are out of our normal routine can cause unnecessary stress to the body.



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